Policy on Educational Opportunities and Partnerships

Policy guideline as it relates to Agricultural Law Educational Opportunities and Partnerships:

  1. AALA will maintain a web page with a list of upcoming events as submitted by organizations with a link to the same. No political or lobbying events will be authorized to be on the web page.
  2. AALA will once per month, provide an e-blast with a list of upcoming educational events to its members with directions to follow the links provided.
  3. AALA will continue its cross marketing relationships as they now exist.
  4. AALA will not pay to be a partner with any organization asking to promote their event upon AALA’s website or to its members.
  5. AALA will by recommendation of the strategic partnerships committee and approval of the board, enter into other relationships with organizations that may involve fee sharing, work sharing or fee payment in exchange for access to content for AALA members or marketing to potential AALA members as the board so approves.
  6. AALA will not provide its member list to any organization without board approval.