Professional Scholarship Award



Each year, our organization presents AALA Scholarship Awards, which are intended to recognize and encourage scholarly work of AALA members. Two kinds of Professional Scholarship Awards may be presented. One is for academic work (journals, articles, etc.), and the other is for court briefs and amicus briefs that cover a specific agricultural topic or legal analysis.


In selecting professional winners, the AALA awards committee considers criteria including the excellence in quality of writing, the relevance to important legal issues in agriculture, broadly defined, the clarity of analysis, the potential effects, and other attributes of scholarship.

Academic articles on an agricultural topic:

  • Journals
  • Articles
  • Other published materials

Court briefs and amicus briefs:

  • Thorough analysis or discussion on an agricultural topic

Where to Submit

Please email your nominations to with the name of the award in the subject line. The deadline is September 15.

Past Recipients 

2022 Turtles All the Way Down: A Clearer Understanding of the Scope of Waters of the United States Based on the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, 46 WM. & MARY ENVʼT L. & POLʼY REV. 1 (2021).

Jesse J. Richardson Jr., Tiffany Dowell Lashmet, & Gatlin Squires

Combining the Academic with the Practical: A Meaningful Framework for More Effectively Resolving Distressed Agricultural Loans, 26 DRAKE J. AGRIC. L. 1 (2021).

Michael D. Fielding


2021 Agriculture & Data Privacy: I Want a HIPPA(Pottamus) For Christmas … Maybe, 8 TEX. A&M L. REV. 6 86-733 (2021).

Jennifer Zwagerman

Fee Simple Failures: Rural Landscapes and Race, 119 MICH. L. REV. 1697-1756 (2021).

Jessica Shoemaker

Brief for the Indiana Agricultural Law Foundation & Indiana Pork Producers Association as Amici Curiae Supporting Respondents in Himsel v. Himsel, 122 N.E.3d 935 (Ind. Ct. App. 2019) (No. 18A-PL-645).

Todd J. Janzen, Brianna J. Schroeder, & Daniel P. McInerny


2020 Decoding Water Law: Ten Areas of Texas Water Law Every Ag Lawyer Should Know, 5 TEX. A&M J. PROP. L. 449 (2019).

Jason T. Hill & Victoria R. Messer


2019 Statutes of Limitation and Crop Insurance

Chad G. Marzen



Defining the Role of Conservation in Agricultural Conservation Easements, 44 ECOLOGY L. Q. 627 (2017).

Jess R. Phelps


Levitt & Negowetti, Agricultural “Market Touching”: Modernizing Trespass to Chattels in Crop Contamination Cases, 38 UNIV. HAWAI’I L. REV. 409-445 (2016).

Adam J. Levitt & Nicole Negowetti



Whole Foods: The FSMA and the Challenges of Defragmenting Food Safety Regulation, 41 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF LAW & MEDICINE, 447-458 (2015).

Stephanie Tai


Agricultural Biotechnology—An Opportunity to Feed a World of Ten Billion, 118 PENN. ST. L. REV. 859 (2015).

Nina V. Fedoroff & Drew L. Kershen