Student Scholarship Award



Each year, our organization presents AALA Scholarship Awards, which are intended to recognize and encourage scholarly work.


In selecting student winners, the AALA awards committee considers the excellence in quality of writing, the relevance to important legal issues in agriculture, broadly defined, the clarity of analysis, the potential effects, and other attributes of scholarship.

Where to Submit

Please email your nominations to with the name of the award in the subject line. The deadline is September 15.

Past Recipients

2023 Counting the Cost of California’s Proposition 12 Post-Ross, 69 S.D. L. REV. (forthcoming 2024).

Taylor Bushelle

2022 Saving the Little Guy: Estate and Inheritance Taxation on Generational Farmers and Ranchers, 13 ESTATE PLANNING JOURNAL 1 (2021).

Sarah Patterson

2021 The Growing Monopoly in the Corn Seed Industry: Is It Time for the Government to Interfere?

Bethany Sumpter

2019 Regulating What Can’t Be Measured: Reviewing the Current State of Animal Agricultural’s Air Emissions Regulation Post-Waterkeeper Alliance v. EPA

Kyle K. Weldon


GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms or Genuinely Mixed Opinions? A Reasonable Consumer’s Understanding of the Terms “GMO” and “Non-GMO,” and the Struggle to Set a Standard, 48 SETON HALL L. REV. 221 (2017).

Nicholas J. Kromka


The Poultry Products Inspection Act and California’s Foie Gras Ban: An Analysis of the Canards Decision and Its Implications for California’s Animal Agriculture Industry, 104 CALIF. L. REV. 1009 (2016).

Kathryn Campo-Bowen


From Precision Agriculture to Market Manipulation: A New Frontier in the Legal Community, 17 MINNESOTA JOURNAL of LAW SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 489 (2016).

Neal Rasmussen


Unapproved Genetically Modified Corn: It’s What’s For Dinner, 100 IOWA L. REV. 825 (2015).

Kyndra Lundquist


Agriculture Precision Farming: Who Owns the Property of Information? Is it the Farmer, the Company who Helps Consult the Farmer on How to Use the Information Best, or the Mechanical Company who Built The Technology Itself?, 19 DRAKE J. AGRIC. L. 239 (2014).

Jacob Strobel