Distinguished Service Award


The AALA Distinguished Service Award is given annually to an AALA member for contributions to the organization and to agricultural law. The award recipient, chosen by the three most recent award winners, is selected based upon consistent demonstration of dedication to furthering the development of agricultural law, strengthening the legal profession, increasing the size and influence of AALA, and fulfilling the law-related information needs of lawyers and citizens alike.

Where to submit:

Please email your nominations to info@aglaw-assn.org with the name of the award in the subject line. The deadline is September 15.

Past Recipients:


2023 Anne “Beth” Crocker
2022 Jesse Richardson
2021 Anthony Schutz
2020 Stephen Carpenter
2019 Patrick K. Costello
2018 Peggy Kirk Hall
2017 Patricia A. Jensen
2016 David Grahn
2015 ………..        Maureen Kelly Moseman
2014 Terence J. Centner
2013 J. Patrick Wheeler
2012 Don Uchtmann
2011 Phillip L. Kunkel
2010 Susan A. Schneider
2009 Thomas A. Lawler
2008 L. Leon Geyer
2007 Walter Armbruster
2006 Farmers Legal Action Group
2006 Sarah Vogel
2005 Linda Grim-McCormick
2004 Orville W. Bloethe
2003 Norman Thorson
2003 Roger A. McEowen
2002 Christopher R. Kelley
2001 William P. Babione
2000 Drew L. Kershen
1999 Michael T. Olexa
1998 Philip E. Harris
1997 Keith G. Meyer
1996 Neil D. Hamilton
1995 David A. Myers
1994 Paul L. Wright
1993 Margaret R. Grossman
1991 James R. Baarda
1990 John H. Davidson
1989 James B. Dean
1988 J. W. Looney
1987 Donald H. Kelley
1986 Donald B. Pedersen
1985 Harold W. Hannah
1984 Neil E. Harl