Upcoming Teleforum: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

In this two-hour webinar, we will discuss key provisions of the new tax law impacting agricultural producers and businesses. In addition to discussing generally applicable sections, we will address the 199A deduction and its potential application to different types of income, including that derived from farm rentals and payments from cooperatives. We will also highlight several ambiguities in the law, noting the need for further regulatory guidance.

Featured Member: Erin Herbold-Swalwell

Agriculture has always been an interest of mine. I grew up on a crop production/ livestock production farm near Mingo, Iowa. My parents are still actively farming and I continue to be involved in the farming operation. My interest in studying agricultural law began in high school where I participated in our local FFA chapter.

Featured Member: Blair Dunn

I was raised on farms and ranches in Southeast New Mexico. I have known that I would be involved in advocating for Agriculture since the 4th Grade when I decided to become a lawyer initiating my first water rights lawsuit against my classmates.

Featured Member: Amber S. Miller

My practice focuses on providing a variety of legal solutions for
those in agriculture, including transactional and litigation work. To a smaller extent, I also
provide some agricultural policy advice to clients and participate in producer educational events.

Featured Member: Amy Swanson

I joined AALA when my law partner became President of the organization.  He had such close friendships with members and enjoyed the conferences at all the different locations. I quickly became involved and thoroughly enjoy all of the people I have met.

Featured Member: Ed Cox

I initially joined AALA in 2006 as a law student at Drake and upon attending my first conference in Savannah quickly realized the value of the organization as a source for additional education but also connecting with other ag law attorneys across the country. 

Featured Member: Mike Traxinger

Becoming an attorney has allowed me to have a great education that allows me to advocate for my family’s farm operation and be a part of the broader agricultural community.