Policy on Events With Other Organizations

Adopted July 11, 2023

The mission of the American Agricultural Law Association (AALA) is to inform and engage the law and policy professionals who serve all facets of the agricultural and food communities. To advance its mission, the AALA believes it is important to consider organizing regional conferences or to organize, sponsor, or collaborate with other organizations to offer educational events (collectively, an “Event”).

Any Event is subject to the following limitations.

  • The Event relates to agricultural or food law or policy.
  • The Event is proposed by a member; an educational institution; a national, state, or local bar association; or a nonprofit organization that serves the agriculture or food industry.
  • The Event is not political or could not be considered as endorsing a candidate or lobbying.

Any Event is subject to AALA board approval. The board may elect not to organize, sponsor, or participate in an Event even though the Event otherwise meets the above limitations if the board believes the Event does not advance the objectives of the AALA.