Quiz Bowl Contest Information


The AALA Quiz Bowl Contest is an opportunity for students interested in agricultural law to demonstrate their knowledge of topics relevant to agricultural law and the law in general, as well as the agricultural industry and agricultural policy.  Contestants will compete in teams of three in timed rounds through a “quiz show” format in a single-elimination tournament.


  • Eligibility:

Any student enrolled at an ABA-accredited law school as of the contest submission deadline date (September 16, 2016) may enter.

  • Registration:

Teams or individuals must register on or before September 16, 2016 to be eligible to compete.  To register, simply email Shannon L. Ferrell (shannon.l.ferrell@okstate.edu) with a message indicating your intention to compete.

Law schools may register teams of three students, and there is no limit on the number of teams that can be registered for a school.  Students may register as “at-large” contestants if their school has not registered a full team or if a school has more students than can be accommodated on three-person teams.

At-large contestants will be grouped into teams by random draw.

  • Team Requirements:

Teams consist of three players unless a team of two or four members is necessary to accommodate at-large contestants (discussed below).

  • Questions:

Questions are presented through a “Jeopardy-style” category board.  A coin flip will be used to determine the team given first choice of category.  From that point, the team with the last correct answer selects a category and point value from the board.  That question is projected for the students, audience, and judges to see.  After the moderator reads the question, the first team to press the buzzer can attempt to answer the question.  If the team answers the question correctly, it earns the question’s point value.  If the team answers incorrectly, the point value is subtracted from the team’s score, and the other team can choose to attempt to answer the question.

  • Scoring:

The team with the highest point total when time expires wins the match.  The time for matches will be established once the number of registered teams has been determined and the competition bracket has been set.

  • Prizes:

Prizes will be awarded to first place and honorable mention teams.  Specific prizes and values will be announced at a later date.