Symposium Awards

AALA recognizes the excellence and professionalism of its members through a series of awards that are presented annually at our symposium.

(1) Ag Law Excellence Awards: AALA began its Excellence in Agricultural Law Award in 2010 to recognize AALA members for outstanding contributions to the legal profession and the agricultural community. The awards may acknowledge members from various professional sectors.

(2) Distinguished Service Award: The AALA Distinguished Service Award is given annually to an AALA member for contributions to the organization and to agricultural law. The award recipient, chosen by the three most recent award winners, is selected based upon consistent demonstration of dedication to furthering the development of agricultural law, strengthening the legal profession, increasing the size and influence of AALA, and fulfilling the law-related information needs of lawyers and citizens alike.

(3) Scholarship Awards: Each year, our organization presents AALA Scholarship Awards, which are intended to recognize and encourage scholarly work of AALA members. Two Professional Scholarship Awards may be presented: one for academic work (journals, articles, etc.) and another for court briefs that cover a specific agricultural topic or legal analysis. Each year, our organization also presents AALA Student Scholarship Awards, which are intended to recognize and encourage law students’ scholarly work.

Please e-mail your nominations to with the name of the award in the subject line. The deadline is September 15, 2022.